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Revo Toro

Abu Garcia Revo Toro reel

Muskyglobe: used this reel for muskie for three weeks over two yrs, great reel . ran accross a couple issues one the thumb bar does stick once every 100 or so casts hasn't caused and major problems with that yet , Two the side plate got loose on me and fe ...

Rating: 4.6

Revo Premier Casting

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Casting reel

Jim: Well, they went and changed the magnetic braking system on the Gen 3 and did not update the manual as to how this works or how to change it. It no longer has the red or green plastic brakes that you slide in or out to adjust the spool. Anone know how ...

Rating: 4.5

Orra SX

Abu Garcia Orra SX reel

Jesse Schultz: Abu Garcia is a brand that has held up through the test of time and is still cranking out quality products. Abu's ORRA SX stands out from Abu's ever so popular REVO line of baitcasting reels. Priced at $99 the ORRA caught my eye and I soon ...

Rating: 4.33

Revo STX

Abu Garcia Revo STX reel

metaman: I currently have a Revo STX-L-HS, Revo STX-L, Revo SX-L, and a Revo Toro Winch-L and just bought a Revo Winch-L. So far they all seem to be very nice reels. Excellent feel and durability. The drag is unmatched. The braking system is very well b ...

Rating: 4.17

Orra Inshore

Abu Garcia Orra Inshore reel

Saltwaterman: I bought this reel a few days ago, took it fishing and caught a bunch of mackerel works really well. The reason i bought this is because i had bought a shimano curado 300. Took it out and on the 4th or 5th cast I heard a weird noise so i ret ...

Rating: 4

Pro Max

Abu Garcia Pro Max reel

fishmaster: Absolutely love it! I purchased this reel this past week and it did not disappoint! The quick retrieve makes it near impossible to lose a fish if you get the hook set. I paired it with the vengeance rod and they complement each other very we ...

Rating: 4

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