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E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcast

Shakespeare E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcast reel

Wallly: I purchased two E Z Shakespeare reels for grandkids and find they are easy to use but, the drag on the line does not allow an easy free flow of the line - thus requiring heavier, larger lures and weights. Heavy lures are not usually your choice fo ...

Rating: 3

Agility Low Profile

Shakespeare Agility Low Profile reel

Ryne B: I bought this reel mostly for bass fishing. From day one, it never lived up to the [$] purchase price. It wasn't smooth-casting. It clicked and rattled and squeaked when reeled. It made an awful noise when casting. It does look nice in the package ...

Rating: 2.5

Alpha Low Profile Baitcast

Shakespeare Alpha Low Profile Baitcast reel


Rating: 0

Agility Round Baitcast

Shakespeare Agility Round Baitcast reel


Rating: 0

Deceiver Low Profile

Shakespeare Deceiver Low Profile reel


Rating: 0

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