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Team Daiwa Pluton

Daiwa Team Daiwa Pluton reel

SeekretSpot: This is the best round reel for swimbaits on the market... And that's not even its intended purpose! Freshwater or Salt you can't find a better reel. Yes you are paying bundle, BUT @ $40 a bait this reel will be the cheapest investment you ma ...

Rating: 4.75

Team Daiwa Luna

Daiwa Team Daiwa Luna reel

rattazzi: The purpose to buy this reel was to be used down here in Argentina for Dorado Golden Fish. This fish has a very strong mouth and sometimes breaks our hooks. I do recommend Daiwa Luna. Great experience! Used in Esquina, Provincia de Corrientes, A ...

Rating: 4.75

TD Zillion Type R

Daiwa TD Zillion Type R reel

BassFisher: I purchased this reel for it's 7.3:1 gear ratio. I also own a number of other Daiwa reels, including Steez and a few JDM reels. This reel, minus the carbon fiber handle, is pretty much identical to the Daiwa 50th anniversary edition Zillion fr ...

Rating: 4.75

Coastal Inshore

Daiwa Coastal Inshore reel

Redfish: This reel performs better than any comparable reel I have ever used. I now use them exclusively on all my trout and red fish rods. ...

Rating: 4.71

Millionaire Classic

Daiwa Millionaire Classic reel

theman: Due to a recommendation I have 50# braid on it. I do not recommend that, it tends to nest a lot. I would imagine if you had 14# mono it would be fine. The braid I use is cheap. Otherwise the reel does well and is ergonomic. If I changed anything i ...

Rating: 4.71

Lexa High Capacity Baitcasters

Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Baitcasters reel

jeremy: Very smooth first of all, feels great on your hands. i love the ideal of having a bigger handle. hopefully the future baitcasters are like that. better than the curado. Love the power handle. ...

Rating: 4.5


Daiwa Millionaire-S reel

Matterman: I own and fish with a Daiwa Luna. This Millionaire S series is not even in the same league. I've inspected the CV Millionaires which seem to be nicely made rugged reels. The S series hardly even resemble them. I've taken my S series apart and l ...

Rating: 4.33

Exceler Casting

Daiwa Exceler Casting reel

Brian N. Marshall: This a great reel for the money. It is very smooth and casts great. If you want best performance though take it apart when you get it and clean and re-lube the gears and bearings. The gears are pretty dry and the bearings had grease on ...

Rating: 4

Aird Baitcasting

Daiwa Aird Baitcasting reel

Dave M: I tend to hold reel with index finger under the line in the front. Doing this you adjust the brakes without realizing while casting. (Cast righy use lefty version) The other problem is after about 300 or so casts the reel makes a grinding vibratio ...

Rating: 3.71

Megaforce THS

Daiwa Megaforce THS reel

With Twitchin’ Bar

Bulldog: I have used this reel in fresh and salt water and have caught several larger fish with it with no problems. When the reel is properly set up a very light lure can be cast with no backlash. The twitching bar is a great asset when used with cert ...

Rating: 3.67

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