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Team Daiwa Zillion 6.3 & 7.1:1

Daiwa Team Daiwa Zillion 6.3 & 7.1:1 reel

Landrover: 10 years ago I bought 3 Diawa TDX reels, which was their top of the line at the time. They still cast as smoothly today as they did when they were new. When the Zillion went on sale, I couldn't resist seeing how it would compare. While it hasn' ...

Rating: 5

TD Zillion Coastal 7.3

Daiwa TD Zillion Coastal 7.3 reel

Robalo: This was a great Purchase I made last year. the reel performed flawlessly all summer. I used it for freshwater only, but I like the option to take it to salt without worrying a will wreck my reel. I recommend it Highly, the corrosion protectio ...

Rating: 5

Exceler 4.9 Power

Daiwa Exceler 4.9 Power reel

gooseblaster: i sent the first reel back to shop because it wouldn't adjust down with the mag brake. the spool wouldn't engage all the time. the reel i got as a replacement is to die for. i can't find one thing wrong with it, period. casts great, dr ...

Rating: 5

Millionaire M7HTMAG Surf

Daiwa Millionaire M7HTMAG Surf reel

Jeffoz: This reel meets all my expectations for it's intended purpose. Price and build quality are great. Good to get away from spinning reels and line twist. ...

Rating: 5

Z Series Baitcasters

Daiwa Z Series Baitcasters reel

MrTexas: This reel is the Pluton in a low profile version. I like this reel better than the Pluton. It has the same power of the Pluton. Im fighting 20-25lb jacks and 30-40" bull reds with this reel. With just that I can say it gets the job done. Super sm ...

Rating: 5

T3 Baitcasting

Daiwa T3 Baitcasting reel

Robalony: I fished with shimano cores before I got this reel, I've fished the daiwa t3 balistic for one day and was so impressed I was going to get one. While i was at the store I picked up the high end daiwa t3 once I did I never looked back. Out of the ...

Rating: 5

Saltist H-C Levelwind Casting

Daiwa Saltist H-C Levelwind Casting reel

Saltwater Casting

Bob: It does everything I want it to, Feels like quality equipment when using it. All my saltwater reels are Daiwa and I am very pleased with their performance. ...

Rating: 5

PX Type R

Daiwa PX Type R reel

farmhard: This reel is perfect for pretty much every situation and all conditions. A little expensive but worth its weight in gold. It out performed my brothers Shimano Calais DC in every way except casting into a head wind and is 150 bucks less. I will d ...

Rating: 5

Laguna Casting

Daiwa Laguna Casting reel

Joes: I have used this reel for several weeks and it has performed flawlessly. Reel is very simple to use and setup and I got use to it very quickly. I put 12 lb test line on the reel and due to its size the reel fits well in my hand and the reach to stop ...

Rating: 4.88

T3 Ballistic Baitcasting

Daiwa T3 Ballistic Baitcasting reel

Charlie: I purchased this reel a couple weeks ago and was eager to try it out because of the new T-wing system. The T-wing system (TWS) advertises a 5.3% increase in casting distance while maintaining even spooling. I took it out this past weekend in c ...

Rating: 4.8

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