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Curado E

Shimano Curado E reel

Gennaro: Not so much to say: it’s a genuine SHIMANO reel (Japan made)solid and perfectly finished. Despite of its high speed it has a lot of cranckin power; casts perfectly, real free spool, easy spool access, great drag, smooth and fluid as butter … ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Chronarch reel

bassfisher: I have fell in love with this reel. I needed a high speed reel, and the 7.0:1 was the perfect reel. It can cast forever, and is also perfect for pitching and flipping. It has a super fast retrieve which is what i like to fish with. If yo ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Core reel

Bassman: The Core 50MG7 is my fourth baitcasting reel, and by far my favorite. It is wonderfully smooth, light and well made. I am glad I spent more and got a lot more. I am extremely pleased with this reel. ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Caius reel

Kevin C.: Workmanship was excellent. Smooth action and good settings. Like the title says it just works well. Pricing was spot on with what ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Citica reel

Firefighter: I bought this reel as a replacement for one I broke. Awesome reel. Light weight, Low profile, very easy to cast. This is the only baitcaster I have not been able to bird nest ...

Rating: 4.8

Calais DC

Shimano Calais DC reel

Rolando: I paired the reel with a Shimano Cumara rod and the the reel is great. Can cast a long distance, very little backlash once I had it adjusted right. Great gear ratio, streamlined and easy to use and cast. Overall it is fantastic. ...

Rating: 4.75


Shimano Caenan reel

Mikey: I have had a Shimano bantam 100 with wood handles for 25+ yrs my favorite reel. Just for the Caenan and fished twice so far so good, feels same as bantam 100 and caught two bass with it and no problems so far and dont expect any, i have lots of ga ...

Rating: 4.5

Curado G

Shimano Curado G reel

B. Baker: I bought this reel (the 200G6 flavor of the G series) last week and spent several hours with it today on the water (saltwater). This reel reminds me of the old Curado Bantam 200BSF that stands as the greatest baitcasting reel ever. The 200G6 i ...

Rating: 4.11

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