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Calcutta B

Shimano Calcutta B reel

Mell: I go salt water fishing here in south Florida three to four times a week! This is a great reel! I would highly recommend it! ...

Rating: 5

Calcutta TE DC

Shimano Calcutta TE DC reel

David Ramme: I bought my 250 DC used on a 9 ft GL2 for $250. What a deal. This reel has never backlashed on me. It cast a mile and a half. You can't go wrong. ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Corvalus reel

Mick Shonery: 65lb bluecats hate them, WHY! Cause mines bringing them in with no problems. I got them on a PINNACLE POWERTIP PRO 7' MH action rod. Grab 2 i promise you wont be disappointed! ...

Rating: 4.6


Shimano Cardiff reel

Gennaro: I bought this reel for jerkbait pike fishing: using small lures quietly performs this work without problems, also thanks to the good retrieve speed (5,8:1). The reel is compact and lightweight, easy to handle, the movement is smooth and fluid and ...

Rating: 3.89

Calcutta D

Shimano Calcutta D reel

Shadman: Like many hard core outdoor enthusiasts I do my best to make sure I have the best equipment. This is why I have been a Calcutta man for decades. With big stripers beginning to group up and hit top water I couldn't wait to try out the new 400 D re ...

Rating: 2.5

Calcutta TE 400LJV

Shimano Calcutta TE 400LJV reel

Lucanus Jig Fishing Reel


Rating: 0

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