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Okuma Citrix reel

iClass: Citrix is a really decent Reel. I have mine spooled with 15 lb fluoro right now and have been using for a year now with no issues...Still performing very well. ...

Rating: 5

Helios Baitcast

Okuma Helios Baitcast reel

TadyMan: Played with one the other day and was very surprised on how well this reel felt. Light, smooth, great free spool, and drag felt good. ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Calera reel

ash: the calera was a great reel for me to learn on and it's really comfortable to fish with, has decent muscle. ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Serrano reel

Bassgal: I've used Okuma reels before, and while they weren't junk, they seemed fairly run of the mill. I bought this Serrano because it seemed so smooth and crisp in the store. Out on the water the reel proved to be on par with other reels in this price ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Komodo reel

Mike Cork: At 7.3:1 it can take up line amazingly quick. Casts like a dream. I was initially impressed with the distance at which I could cast baits. So I started experimenting with it some. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits all cast like a missile. But, it was ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Krios reel

Shane: Well for a 100 bucks, not bad....was expecting a little more distance with my micro veritas...seems i can't get past 6 on's not a Pro-Qualifier but it does look dead sexy on the veritas. Overall its better than a skeet. I agree, if ...

Rating: 4.5


Okuma Tormenta reel

bassinbill: don't know what bubbac is doing wrong because I adjusted the spool speed tension knob and set the brake to "7" and I do not get any backlashes. I put ten pound co-polymer line on it making sure the spool was held in a wooden home made spool ho ...

Rating: 4

Safina Pro Baitcast

Okuma Safina Pro Baitcast reel


Rating: 0

Helios Casting 2013

Okuma Helios Casting 2013 reel


Rating: 0

Cedros Saltwater Casting

Okuma Cedros Saltwater Casting reel


Rating: 0

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