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Baitcast Reels Low Profile

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Patriarch Low Profile Casting

Pflueger Patriarch Low Profile Casting reel

Ryan Kelly: I purchased one of these reels in February and used it for every tournament I participated in this year. I liked it so much, I bought another one a few months later. The large paddles and bowed handle make for an extremely comfortable retrieve ...

Rating: 5

Echelon Casting

Pflueger Echelon Casting reel

beto: After having reel problems on fishing tournaments and fishing trips, this is nice, smooth, and great feel. ...

Rating: 5

President Casting

Pflueger President Casting reel

Joe: This is the most expensive reel I've ever bought, and I was disappointed. Sure, you never have a backlash, but that's because of the centrifugal brake system. Instead of the reel backlashing, some of the weights pop out in the brake (but you don't kn ...

Rating: 4.6

Trion Casting

Pflueger Trion Casting reel

Glenn McMurrian: The old Trions from 2008 are great even over shimano,do your self a favor and forget the in store Walmart Trion's. Go on to that Bay site and pick up a older Trion and that will beat a shimano anyday. ...

Rating: 3.67

Purist Casting

Pflueger Purist Casting reel


Rating: 0

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