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Saltwater Conventional Reels

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Seagate Star Drag

Daiwa Seagate Star Drag reel

Rob Roy: Love the reel and the prompt delivery time in getting it. Haven't used it yet put its ready to go when the fishing heats up down here. ...

Rating: 5

Saltist Black Gold Star Drag

Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Star Drag reel

Casting, Jigging & Trolling Reels

Johnster: Very nice reel. Got the bg50. Nice power, speed, and smooth drag. It casts pretty good as well. I've only been out with it a few times and I've already landed a chunky grouper, snappers, and a 6 foot shark. It can turn a fish at your wil ...

Rating: 5

Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional

Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional reel

Nyspin: This reel is really worth it. There are many things to note about this reel. It's light weight and comfortable in your hand. It's also very sturdy, built to last. The handle is very comfortable. The retrieve ratio is excellent, and the drag is ver ...

Rating: 5

Saltiga Lever Drag 2-Speed

Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag 2-Speed reel

BallCAman: I have 4 Daiwa reels and i must say that this 2 speeds is no joke when it comes to bottom fishing. When you are reeling in a fish and drop it down to low speed, it feels like you don't have anything on the line!! The only thing I did pick up on ...

Rating: 5


Daiwa Sealine reel

Blagger: Purchased 2 of these, took a 20kg King Mackerel with one of them and a 15kg Barracuda with the other on the first trip out. Smooth star drag and spool control makes for good control and ease of operation. Loaded both reels with 350 meters of 25kg ...

Rating: 5

Sealine-X HA/SHA

Daiwa Sealine-X HA/SHA reel

Engineer: Casts great, large spool for line, one of my favorites, spend the money. large handle is nice, now I own 2 of these fantastic reels. ...

Rating: 4.8

Saltist Levelwind

Daiwa Saltist Levelwind reel

tufnik: I have the 30HA levelwind (with 20# big game) on a 10' Daiwa Emcast. ...

Rating: 4.78

Saltist Lever Drag Hyper Speed

Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag Hyper Speed reel

happynut: I had my eyes on this reel for a while, the high speed retrieve was what I was looking, as I fish the deep waters on the West Coast of Ireland for Pollock, Cod & Ling etc. I bought the 40 model and wasn't let down, the reel has a super quick re ...

Rating: 4.67

Saltist Lever Drag 2-Speed Conventional

Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag 2-Speed Conventional reel

Doomsday: I bought the STTLD50-2SPD and put it on a Trevala rod for jigging grouper and amberjack. What a beast of a reel. I have no problems winching up big groupers from 200' - 250' and caught many amberjacks in the 50 to 75 lb range. It's never missed ...

Rating: 4.4

Saltist Levelwind Line Counter

Daiwa Saltist Levelwind Line Counter reel

Charlie: Great and reliable reel. Line counter and high speed are superb. Got many big one on the reel. Most of friends have it and they all love it! High speed made it faster, easy on your hand, to bring fish up, especially from 300-600 ft deep sea, and ...

Rating: 4.33

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