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Penn Squall reel

PinRigger: I bought the 60LD its the first non level wind lever drag i have owned and its just short of amazing im a pier fisher man and paired this reel on a senator rod. And it performed in every way i expected a Penn perform my biggest fish was a 6 foo ...

Rating: 5

Special Senator

Penn Special Senator reel

kmb: Have used these reels for many years. They seem to be pretty much unchanged over the time. It's no wonder - there are no changes needed. Very easy to disassemble, clean, re-do drag as may be necessary. I don't believe that you can find a better reel ...

Rating: 5

Fathom Level Wind

Penn Fathom Level Wind reel

bigbosco: Have only used it for rock fish but it worked very well. Comfortable to reel up time and time again in 150-200 feet of water. Can't wait to use on bigger fish. ...

Rating: 5

GT Level Wind

Penn GT Level Wind reel

jstett: A great reel use them I have 4 in southeast Alaska fishing for salmon. I would recommend this reel to anyone. ...

Rating: 5

International V

Penn International V reel

bayman: I have been using these reels for years. With good maintenance, & proper cleaning after use. These reels will last you a life time. We have had fish that have gone for hours & days, hooked up. This reel stood up to the test ever time. A good tra ...

Rating: 5


Penn Jigmaster reel

Speculator: Simply one of the best reels a person can buy for the price! A wonderful "one size fits all" saltwater fishing tool, as effective for cod, blackfish, snapper, and grouper as it is for stripers and bluefish. A "quick swap" feature allows a pers ...

Rating: 5

International VSX

Penn International VSX reel

steelfin: Very smooth , reliable drag. Using 80 lb braid I landed and released a 200 lb blue marlin in 40 minutes. Every aspect of the reel from the oversized handle to the flawless two speed gearing got the job done with ease. My captain in Costa Rica ...

Rating: 5

International VS

Penn International VS reel

Mastered: Excellent reel, drag is easy and smooth. Worth the cost for reel that will perform for many years ...

Rating: 5


Penn Senator reel

Arimahay: Purchased this reel for Humbolt Squid and it do the job. The squid we have been catching have been in the 40 to 50 pounds range and we needed a reel that could handle that kind of pressure and power. First time out I caught 3 - 40 plus pound squ ...

Rating: 5

Baja Special

Penn Baja Special reel

C. J. Dunn: The Penn Baja Special is widely known on the west coast as a workhorse that will handle tough yellowtail, wahoo and tuna. For many, it is the "go to" reel for yo yo jigging. With the advent on braided line, the huge drag on this medium-sized r ...

Rating: 5

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