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Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF

Overall Customer Rating: 5 of 5 stars Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF Reels 5 out of 5 (3 Reviews)
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Series: Saltwater Spinning Reels
Model: Saltiga Dogfight HDF
Reel Type: Spinning

Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF specifications

Model Line Capacity Gear Ratio Ball Bearings Reel Weight (oz.) Max. Drag Type


25/370, 30/310

5.7 : 1

4CRBB 10 BB, 1 RB



* All Saltiga Dogfight HDF Reels specifications from the official Daiwa catalog. Daiwa reserves the right to make changes without obligation.


Fishermen's opinions about Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF

Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF

The Mother Of All Spinning Reel''s


3/23/2013 5:49:08 PM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

If You Have The Money Spend it on This Reel. You Deserve it you only live once and you will not regret it truse me I am In Love with mine.
Reviewed by: Dom Orozco (Rockville Centre NY.)

Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF

Daiwa Saltiga SA-Z Dog Fight Spinning Reel


1/13/2013 3:41:16 PM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

I just got into fishing last year.
Unfortunately I was not born with good hand/eye coordination and experienced backlash most times when casting when using conventional reels. One of my options was the Daiwa Saltiga SA-Z Dog Fight Spinning Reel. I pre-ordered one and got one from the first batch from Japan.
One thing readers need to know is that you should not put too much line on this reel else line will slip off the reel and make your life very miserable. Once that was figured out this reel worked like a charm.
My Dogfight is matched with a Calstar 800-M. As a newcomer I could outcast all but the most seasoned anglers.
My motto is "only cry once". Cry because it costs a lot. Don't cry because you didn't purchase it the first time and now can't afford it because you spent your money on something else.
Reviewed by: WinkDink (Weston, Fl)

Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight HDF

Best Spinning Reel out there


12/13/2012 3:41:57 PM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this reel for about 6 month and I love everything about this. This reel is much much better than New Shimano Stella Spinning reel. Drag is so Smooth. You will not have any problem catching any fish with this. It's expensive but you are getting what you are paying for.
I would recommend this reel to everybody who is looking for a best reel out there.
Reviewed by: godreel (Maryland)

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