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Automatic Fly

Pflueger Automatic Fly reel

Yooper: This reel arrived in our family the first time in the mid to late 50's and was green if I remember right! And my younger brother still has it and uses it from time to time. My Dad died in 1978 and Pflueger Reels have been in our tackle boxes and o ...

Rating: 5

President Fly

Pflueger President Fly reel

beto: This reel works very well, is lightweight, and smooth to operate. The rosewood knob is a nice touch, and makes the reel stand out. I can only assume that the reason the trout are leaping out of the water onto my hook is simply to get a better look a ...

Rating: 5

Trion Fly

Pflueger Trion Fly reel

Raffpap: I have the 1956 model (line up to 6). This reel has a very beautiful, durable finish. It is built to tight tolerances...try as I might, I can get very little free play between the frame and the spool. The drag is fully functional throughout it's ...

Rating: 4.83

Purist Fly

Pflueger Purist Fly reel

damon schroeder: It is grate for the money! I got it to flip fish for bass you need a soft touch and feel. ...

Rating: 4

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