Make the Right Choice- Casting or Spinning reels


When you're making the right choice between the different fishing reel's that are on the market today you are going to have to choose if you want a spinning reel or a casting real. There are major differences between both types of fishing reels that you have to be well aware of. Because they give off different actions or serve different purposes some of these reels could be quite more expensive than the other but the great thing that you have going for you is that the market is very competitive. Here is a couple things you need to know about each type of real so that when it comes down to choosing the right fishing reel for your pole you'll have all the information that you need.

When it comes to purchasing a casting real you need to make sure that is going to fit your hand. By having the proper real that is going to fit with your poll you should have no problems casting as well as landing the nice bass. Many professional fishermen use this type of rod and reel so that they can pinpoint where they want to cast to catch the big fish. If you start getting used to this type of rod and reel you should have no problems getting into smaller areas where you need to go.

With casting reel's you'll be able to pinpoint your action as well as get the strength that you need to land the big fish. The nice thing about purchasing a casting reel is that you can pick one up any of your local fishing outlets for around $30.00 if they are on sale. They can range all way up to $230 depending on the manufacturer that makes some and if you want to spend the extra money.

Now when it comes to choosing a spinning reel this is the common real that many anglers choose when they are going fishing. Not only do you get the ease of access to start teaching younger kids on this real but it is also more popular for the typical angler. You'll be able to determine what type of real that you have just by looking at the face. A spinning wheel will have a small thin metal bar wrapping around a spool that will hold the line to the pole. What this little metal bar does is help to wind the fishing line around the spool of the real. It also makes it easier when you're trying to cast because you need to hold the line and flip the bail open.

This is why many anglers choose this type of real because of the ease of access. You can do everything with this real that you can with the casting real once you start getting enough practice and become good with your rod and reel. Use reel's usually costs around $20.00 ranging all the way up to $300 depending on the company that you're going through as well as the department store that you're purchasing the reel from.

Author: Jason Neumeyer


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