My review - Shimano reel and rod


Everybody has their personal preference when it comes to the fishing gear that they like to use up my preference is Shimano. I have a 7 foot three inch river pole in combination with a 3.5 pounds reel. This combination of rod and reel gets me every place where I need to go and gives me the action but I desire when amount on the lake or sitting on the riverbank fishing. The reason why I decided to go with a bigger pole and reel is so that I can fish for species such as northern and bass but still has the power and toughness of the rod and reel to take on some of the river fish like red horse sucker.

Everybody has their own preference like it was mentioned before but when you are trolling on the lake for northern pike you want to make sure that your poll is going to be durable and be able to handle when the strike. I have been on some boats and have literally seen the polls snap in three as soon as the northern takes the line. It was quite amusing to watch because it did not happen to my poll but I do kind of wish the fish would have tried to bite my line. Everybody has heard those fishing stories about the one that got away well when you gear up for the biggest fish that you want to catch you should be all set to take on everything that the lakes and rivers have to offer.

What makes the rod and reel so special is the reel itself. It is setup of the five ball bearing system to make even the slightest action on the crank start reeling in your line. With bail set and you are about ready to cast, I can cast out around 40 yards without even trying. The worst part about it is that I do have to watch how I carry my poll because there are not many places that I can store it without it getting damaged unless I break it down.

It all depends on the strength of the line that I use because it will determine how many yards I can fit on the spool. Last year I decided to change the line on my poll and put 15 pound test on it. I found out that the 15 pound test lasts for everything that I am trying to catch now if I was going to fish the open water of the Gulf of Mexico I will have to change my gear but for the lakes and streams that I fish in the United States, the rod and reel that I have now will work for everything.

Your personal preference means you're going to have to try out everything because just because somebody says that it is perfect for them does not mean that it is going to fit your hands. For instance, one of my friends tried to use my pole and found out that the weight and length of my pole was too much for them.

Author: Jason Neumeyer


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