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Stella SW

Shimano Stella SW reel

kok: i fish in salt water, in the bay islands off the coast of Honduras. Ive caught wahoo surfing with live bait with this 8000 reel and i would recommend it to anyone. ...

Rating: 5

Thunnus CI4

Shimano Thunnus CI4 reel

Redbone: Purchased the 8000 Ci4. Very good reel, excellent fishability. Just returned from Mexico, I used the reel for surf fishing with no luck; however it cast very well. I will likely purchase the 12,000 for surf fishing because after fishing from boat ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Saragosa reel

Dom: i use this reel for jigging, very strong and good quality ...

Rating: 4.83

Baitrunner D

Shimano Baitrunner D reel

Brownwey: I have caught 30+ lbers Stripers and smaller with this at the Cape Cod Canal, and it holds up very well. It is a great reel and it holds the big fish pretty well, the drag is easy to adjust in the middle of a fight. Thrown live eels with it a ...

Rating: 4.5


Shimano Spheros reel

Ron Slipkov: I use these exclusively for bottom fishing and tarpon occasionally. What an awesome reel! The drag is smooth, plenty of crank, and casts perfect. I have the 8000 series which is great for bottom fishing and would buy this again or possibl ...

Rating: 4.33


Shimano Socorro reel

Robbie Force: Guys keep in mind this is a 4.9:1 ratio reel means one turn of the handle is 4 wraps of line. So it is only useful for catching big fish do not buy this reel if you intend to catch fish which are small or med sized. Also make sure that you ...

Rating: 4.33

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