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Cedros Round

Okuma Cedros Round reel

Doug Johnson: Also that a look at the Okuma Cedros (CJ-400P). Cool looking reel with a neat power handle. I used them all last year with no problems. I think the guts are the same as the Isis, but with a power handle and a cool blue color. Had clients use ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Isis reel

Joe Cal: i have had two isis reels and both of them never lasted more than three days. sent them both back twice and still never made it more than a couple days sent them back again and the exact same issues. tried to send them back for the fourth time an ...

Rating: 4.5


Okuma Akena reel

Lord: The akena is one of the best reels Ive encounter, prefer it over the calcutta 400 . Smooth and it cast excellent as the calcutta . I have two calcutta and would trade them for another akena any day of the week. ...

Rating: 4.25

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