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Legalis Spinning

Daiwa Legalis Spinning reel

Nathan Schehl: I have been using this for a couple months now. I would use this reel the rest of my life if it holds up. I just caught a 6 pound 9 ounce bass on Sunday. I did it very easy. It's very smooth. It's a steal. ...

Rating: 5

Certate-HA Mag Sealed Spinning

Daiwa Certate-HA Mag Sealed Spinning reel

MrSir: i don't have the HA model but i do have the certate...and by far it is better than any..and i mean ANY spinning reel i ever used..including the stradic CI4..great drag,line flows off nice..liquid smooth..just awesome! ...

Rating: 5

Laguna-5Bi Spinning

Daiwa Laguna-5Bi Spinning reel

chadku: I have a Laguna...very smooth reel for $60. I use a lot of Excellers and I think this is just as good as those for less $. I had a silver max 4-5 yrs ago and it was OK, but think the lagunas are a great buy for that price. ...

Rating: 5

Steez EX Spinning

Daiwa Steez EX Spinning reel

Angry: I have fished both and I like them both. They both have magnesium frames and sideplates, the Stella in the 1000 size edges the Steez in weight at 6.4oz vs 6.9 but don't be fooled by that either as the Steez is an all around bigger reel and if you c ...

Rating: 5

Steez Spinning

Daiwa Steez Spinning reel

agl: I use this reel on all fishing trips with lures and cork type fishing. I like the reel but the bail trip after much use fails to close all the way --it will stay at half closed unless you spin the crank at fast pace to close it. I actually altered th ...

Rating: 4.6

Procyon Spinning

Daiwa Procyon Spinning reel

Dimi Moo: This reel was unable to lay the line properly.It look and feel great, has silky smooth operation,but the point above had ruined all the impression. Besides,it turned out that this reel is significantly heavier than in description given(real wei ...

Rating: 4.57


Daiwa Exceler-HA reel

gbeaver: I spent the majority of the next 5 days casting and retrieving and brought in at least 30 fish a day. I hardly broke out the fly rod because I was having such good luck with the Daiwa with some 6 lb fireline on the spool. The Fenwick, the purcha ...

Rating: 4.5

Aird Spinning

Daiwa Aird Spinning reel

Connor: Love this reel love that they give you an extra spool so that you can have different line options without having to scrap line. ...

Rating: 4.44

SS Tournament

Daiwa SS Tournament reel

Walt: Got 3 SS tournament reels. Bought these maybe 20 years ago. 700, 1300, 1600. I wish Diawa made a true ultra lite version, I'd have 4 of these and may when I go for the 2600. Best reel for the money you can buy, my opinion. These reels are super simp ...

Rating: 4.33


Daiwa Sweepfire-2B reel

Front Drag Spinning Reels

Tony Rome: I bought Three of these reels to go with the Daiwa Beef stick surf rods that I purchased as well. I went out fishing to try them out. They were really smooth when when I reeled in the blue fish that were caught. They are a bit heavier but t ...

Rating: 4.14

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