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Okuma Avenger reel

melon: Very good reels i own three hard to beat for the money they do twist line when not spooled right or fishing a worm and small crankbait ...

Rating: 4.5

Safina Pro Spinning

Okuma Safina Pro Spinning reel

RockMan: 1. 2500 series has larger spoon size. Serious +. Has the ability to put on a lot of line even with several different LB. test. Most small mid range reels have poor spool capacity. 2. Physically light weight. 3. Setting the drag is smooth ...

Rating: 4.4

Coronado Baitfeeder

Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder reel

Adryano: Unlike some other fishermen out there I,m an OKUMA fan. While I have some more expensive brand reels, for salt water applications, my Okumas never let me down! I have a few, including 2 Coronados, Epixors, Avengers, work very nice, never brake d ...

Rating: 4

Cedros High Speed

Okuma Cedros High Speed reel

psychoman: Don't buy Okuma. Gears are too weak for fishing salt water. Caught couple of mackrels and the gears got stuck. Free spooled and gear seemed okay. While reeling back my line the handle was the only thing turning. Took apart the reel on the boat. ...

Rating: 4


Okuma Vsystem reel

thespot: I wanted a reel with longevity. Only time will tell if this reel holds up. It appears well made but does have some line twist and isn't as smooth as some other reels. I read it is because of the way the gears work in this reel. I wouldn't say it' ...

Rating: 4

Epixor Baitfeeder

Okuma Epixor Baitfeeder reel

Wood Chip: Purchased two of these reels from Sportsman' Warehouse in Chattanooga. Both had the extremely annoying problem with the line hanging up in the bail pickup. They exchanged them for new ones but when the second pair had the same exact problem I g ...

Rating: 3.6


Okuma Safina reel

melon: I BOUGHT THIS REEL TO GO ON MY BASS POLE WHICH IS USED OBVIOUSLY FOR CASTING TO CATCH BASS BUT I CATCH OTHER BIGGER FISHING ON IT TOO, it may not be the smoothest reel you could find but the durability and ease of casting balances it all out the mo ...

Rating: 3

Ignite A-Series

Okuma Ignite A-Series reel

Kim: Basically it seems to be a solid reel, but the bail design is terrible, with a bulbous shape on the left side of the bail with a big notch that catches the line all to frequently. When this happens, the line wraps around the whole reel, and if you do ...

Rating: 2

Cedros 55 Standard

Okuma Cedros 55 Standard reel


Rating: 0

Raw II

Okuma Raw II reel


Rating: 0

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