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Okuma Trio reel

Gennaro: Best reel for the money; solid construction and no frills. Very good drag and a lot of power thanks to the quite slow ratio. It makes a perfect pair with my 5 oz. pike "backup" rod. ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Stinson reel

Ben: Love this reel, would definitely recommend it to anglers who prefer spin casting reels to bait casting. I've landed some pretty good sized reds with this reel with ease, definitely the workhorse of the three rods and reels i own. ...

Rating: 5

Helios Spinning

Okuma Helios Spinning reel

Paul Sarris: This reel is amazing . Its light yet very strong . The drag is smooth . The gears are smooth .Very well balanced reel . I caught a 14 lbs carp on this reel and I was very impressed the way this reel handled that fish . Keep up the great work ...

Rating: 5


Okuma RTX reel

Tom: Recently bought the 25S. Copy of the Stradic CI4. Very light weight, smooth drag and gears feel very smooth. This spool size is smaller than the 2500 CI4 which makes the overall appearance smaller. Probably the reason the weight comes in at 6.6 oz. I ...

Rating: 5

Cedros Baitfeeder

Okuma Cedros Baitfeeder reel

Rob: Big fan of Okuma, high quality at a low cost. The Cedros is not quite as good as the top of the range V-system, but if you need a baitfeeder for the price its well worth it. ...

Rating: 5

Dead Eye

Okuma Dead Eye reel

JP: The DE-25 work's great for bass fishing and should be light enuff on trout. Looks like a high end reel and has a nice drag system. ...

Rating: 5


Okuma Acuador reel

Richard: For the price you can't beat it. Surf fishing can be hard on gear with the salt, sand and wind. I had one of these go for a swim and a drag in the sand. After a good cleaning still going strong. I like the fact that they hold so much line. Hooked ...

Rating: 5

Trio High Speed

Okuma Trio High Speed reel

Michael Cebrynski: I rated it a five because it has such smooth action and has a very fast retrieve. I have several different spinning reels in this price range but none of them feel as good as this one. If you don't want to tie up much money and have ...

Rating: 4.57

Avenger Baitfeeder

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder reel

Adam: I have been using this reel for Striper/hybrid/bass fishing with live bait. Everything has worked exactly the way I hoped it would when I purchased the reel. The bait feeder/clicker doesn't always engage correctly, but just rotate the bell a little ...

Rating: 4.56


Okuma Epixor reel

Timmy: This is the second Okuma reel I've purchased, last was the Avenger series, I wont buy any another reel again. I'm new to kayak fishing and accidentally put this reel underwater more than 10 times the first day (whoops), left it out in the rain (who ...

Rating: 4.5

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