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Alpha Bigwater

Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater reel

John Barnett: Have 3 of these for shore fishing. Very nice reels and can't wait to get back to the beach to use. ...

Rating: 4.5


Shakespeare Agility reel

Maverick: This reel could easily be another $20 in price and still be worth it. Very smooth cast and retrieve, the bail feels solid, and there aren't any annoying ergonomics. ...

Rating: 4.5


Shakespeare Crusader reel

Parrotman: Bought this reel believing it must be prespooled with the size line I was choosing from in the menu. I was wrong and now have to buy line and spool it myself. Not a very happy camper! I bought 3! ...

Rating: 4


Shakespeare Contender reel

fishperson: Good for rubber baits. It is lightweight and a nice reel. Hoping to get many more years of fishing from it. ...

Rating: 4

Alpha Spinning

Shakespeare Alpha Spinning reel

Nacash: I ordered this reel to use on my take down pole I keep in my pack for camping. Because of its small size and foldable handle, it hardly takes up any room. I dinged it one star due to the quality of the line that comes on it. Granted almost every r ...

Rating: 3.5

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