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Shimano AX FB reel

Cal: I received the Shimano AX1000FB Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel and placed it on my rod,i really like the spinning action and the drag on it,that works better than any other reel I've ever owned. I strongly recommend trying this item.I plan on buyin ...

Rating: 5

Stradic CI4 Microline

Shimano Stradic CI4 Microline reel

Chex: So light. So smooth. And you can put a ton of 4lb braid on there. I love this reel, it's the best one I have. I've used it in saltwater, so far without issue. ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Syncopate reel

Greg Wax: By far, one of the better reels I've purchased for inlake and river fishing. The drag and release are very easy to set while on the fly fishing and the quick release trigger makes jigging and recasting second nature. There's no more fumbling tr ...

Rating: 4.75

Sustain FG

Shimano Sustain FG reel

coastflatsman: This is the best reel I have ever used and I have owned a LOT of reels. I have the 3000 on a 6'8" G Loomis GLX Mossy Back rod and it is a perfect combo for flats fishing from my kayak or the flats boat. The smooth drag and retrieve makes ...

Rating: 4.75

Sienna RD

Shimano Sienna RD reel

Rear Drag Spinning Reel

Meng Lucky Xiong: Its a good reel for its price and can handle big fish. I caught a 20 pound carp on it and the reel handle perfectly. ...

Rating: 4.67

Sonora FB

Shimano Sonora FB reel

Bass''n: This is a great reel caught some nice fish with it. ...

Rating: 4.57

Stradic CI4

Shimano Stradic CI4 reel

Andrew Etheridge: I have three of these in my stable. Two 4000 series and a 3000 series. They are incredibly smooth and light weight. Using a combination of Shimano Teramar rods and Star Segis rods these reels really preform. The drag is very smooth and i ...

Rating: 4.5

Stella FE

Shimano Stella FE reel

Tybrown: I own the 1000 series paired with a 5'9 trout series glx rod. I use this combo throughout early spring to late fall trout/salmon fishing. The reel holds up very well and is very smooth. I've landed several large trout using this reel and couldn't ...

Rating: 4.5


Shimano IX reel

Eric Flint: I've had one of these reels for about 15 years. Now it hasn't been used constantly the whole time. Well I own several more reels now and the ix has given me the least amount of trouble. I'm comparing this with $90 reels. It castes and retrieve ...

Rating: 4.5

Stradic FJ

Shimano Stradic FJ reel

B. Simpson: Wonderful reel and my go to reel. I have on a 6'6 Fenwick Spinning Rod. What a wonderful combination. Durable reel. Great casting performance. I have 12 lb Berkley Fire Line. Can't say enough good things about this rig and performance. Buy it. ...

Rating: 4.33

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