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Shimano Tranx reel

zboogie: If you're wondering if this reel is all it'd hyped up to be, let me clarify that it is! I was skeptical about this purchase because of the price tag, but out on the water this reel casts like a dream, burns jigs and surface irons quick to draw a ...

Rating: 5

Trinidad A

Shimano Trinidad A reel

RocknReel: I am very satisfied with this reel. I love the one hand lever operation. I have Haven't found anything it wont handle, snapper, grouper, aj's etc. My fishing partners have used it once and have already placed an order for theirs. Cant go wrong ...

Rating: 5

TLD Star

Shimano TLD Star reel

Pete McCoy: Great reel for the money. Perfect for rock fish jigging or as a ball dropper salmon reel. Can't beat the functions for the price. ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Tekota reel

Zane Zirkle: Great reel. Very smooth action with an excellent drag system. The line counter makes getting to depth easy and quick. ...

Rating: 4.89

SpeedMaster IV

Shimano SpeedMaster IV reel

Dan: Had my speedmaster for many years. One of the long casting reels especially for med irons. I do run my drag at 13.3 to get 40lb xxx mono. Caught many tuna at 35-50lbs and yellow tail to 40lbs. Never required any work, well except changing to carb ...

Rating: 4.83


Shimano Torium reel

Edward Huddle: Use it for boat fishing striped bass in long island sound from boat. Very smooth, lots of power, handle very comfortable. Paired with a 6-1/2 foot rod rated for 20-40 lb, gives you a good feel for feathering the bottom in 20-140 feet of wat ...

Rating: 4.62

TR Star Drag Casting

Shimano TR Star Drag Casting reel

sinclai: I have the TR200G, it's matched to a 7' Outer Banks Casting/Jigging rod with medium heavy action, I can cast 1-3 ounce lures about 50 to 100 yards with relative ease. This is using 30 pound braided lines (sometimes with a 12 foot 30lb floro topsh ...

Rating: 4

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