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Shimano Symetre RJ

Overall Customer Rating: 4.33 of 5 stars Shimano Symetre RJ Reels 4.33 out of 5 (6 Reviews)
Manufacturer: Shimano
Series: Spinning Reels
Model: Symetre RJ
Reel Type: Spinning

Shimano Symetre RJ specifications

Model Line Capacity Gear Ratio Ball Bearings Reel Weight (oz.) Max. Drag Type



















* All Symetre RJ Reels specifications from the official Shimano catalog. Shimano reserves the right to make changes without obligation.


Fishermen's opinions about Shimano Symetre RJ

Shimano Symetre RJ

Symetre SY2500RJ Reel


1/31/2013 10:32:54 AM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

This reel replaced an older Symetre reel that I have been using for several years. I feel it is a very high quality reel for a reasonable price.
I own several Shimano spinning and casting reels and typically don't feel much desire to look past this brand when I need another reel.
Reviewed by: Randall (United States, Georgia)

Shimano Symetre RJ

Is there a better value for your buck?


12/23/2012 10:34:47 AM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

I've owned a 2500 for a few years now and couldn't be happier. These are not your grandfather's Shimano reels! They are 10x the reel my old(mid 80's vintage) FX models are. Smoother, quieter, lighter, better in every way! One word of caution, match your reel size to the species you pursue. A 2500 might be over-matched by the repeated and regular wear a large steelhead may put on it, causing an early retirement of said reel. If in doubt, size up.
Otherwise, I challenge you to find a better, more durable reel for the money.
Reviewed by: Steeeliedan (United States, Wisconsin)

Shimano Symetre RJ

Excellent reel


12/17/2012 10:33:32 AM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

as smooth as anything. I got the rear drag model and it works great. it is nice to have the drag in the back so you do not have to mess while line is being pulled out. shimano is one of few companies that still makes reels with rear drags. do not waste your time with pfluegers, which are not anywhere near what i would consider a quality reel
Reviewed by: Trout

Shimano Symetre RJ

Simply put, just a great reel!


12/11/2012 10:36:09 AM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

I have 3 Symetre reels and all have performed perfectly. In my opinion there isn't a better reel in this price category or even higher that will out perform a Symetre. This reel operates so smoothly, is perfectly balanced, and built to last.
You won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by: Nedo (Missouri)

Shimano Symetre RJ

Smooth as butter!


12/7/2012 10:30:44 AM 5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

For the money you can't beat this reel. It will handle any bucket mouth you hook into. It has on five bearings and is smoother than a lot of the reels that i have that have 11 bearings.
Hands down the best buy for your money.
Reviewed by: fistedbucket (Duncansville, PA)

Shimano Symetre RJ

Multiple Anti Reverse Failures


11/30/2012 10:31:47 AM 1 of 5 stars 1 out of 5 stars

Used the Symetre Rear Drag 4000 for the 2012 season. The anti reverse was not working out of the box and the reel was replaced. The reel is used for row trolling and the anti reverse is a must have. The roller bearing assembly was fixed once by myself (spring broke) and replaced once by Shimano for free. I do fish two or three times a week but this failure rate is not acceptable. All three failures were the anti reverse. I read all the threads on line about replacing the stock grease, etc. This is a good reel in all other respects, the rear drag is very smooth and powerful.
I cannot recommend this reel to anyone where the anti reverse is a needed feature.
Reviewed by: Angler (United States, Illinois)

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